Steps in Project Management

The project management approach basically consist of following five steps:
1. Grouping work into packages:
All the related works or activities are grouped together as a work package. They contribute to the same goal and can be bounded by definite time, cost and performance target.

2. Making Responsible to Project Manager/ Fixing Responsibility of Project Manager:
The whole project are entrusted to a single person called project manager. He is a single responsibility center. Therefore project manager coordinates, directs and controls the project for the goal achievement.

3. Supporting and serving the project:
The project has to be supported internally and externally. Internal support established by establishing matrix organization structure and external support through contractors, suppliers, consultants etc.

4. Building up commitment:
It refers to building up commitment through negotiation, coordination and direction towards predetermined project goals. In the course of building commitment, time schedule, budget and contracts have to be agreed upon by concerned party.

5. Executing the project tasks:
All the project tasks have to be completed within time, cost and quality performance for the accomplishment of objectives. This requires continuous monitoring and control using predetermined time schedules, budget, contracts and quality status.

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