Indigenous Project

Indigenous project refers to the project which is established in local level with local resources or funded from local resources. It uses indigenous materials, capital, skills, technology and work force to implement the project. It fulfills the indigenous need. There is no any contribution of skill, technology and fund in project implementation to attain the defined goal. Hence it blends indigenous technology with local resources in generating project outputs. Indigenous traditions, styles, system and cultures are carefully considered during its planning and implementation phase. Therefore, it helps to preserve and protect traditions and cultures.

Indigenous project needs small scale of capital, provide employment opportunities to local people, uses local resources and technique. In this sense, it is labor intensive project.
Advantages of Indigenous Project:
  • It protects tradition and cultures.
  • It makes possible maximum utilization of local resources and technology. Since indigenous project is labor intensive, it generates employment opportunities to local which helps to upgrade the living standard of people.
  • It has special identity.
  • Certainty of success may occurred.
  • They also promote creativity and are culture friendly.
Disadvantages of Indigenous Project:
  • It may not produce quality output due to the use of simple technology.
  • It is rigid in terms of traditional system and procedures.
  • It cannot handle the complexities.
  • It is static and lacks dynamism.
  • It cannot cover the national requirement.
  • It reduces use of technology and development of technology.

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