Project Proposal

In simple words, proposal means blueprint of activities or set of activities or set of documents prepared and submitted to evaluate the appropriateness of activities. Project proposal is a set of document submitted to concerned party for the evaluation of proposed project whether the project will be appropriate to target group (customer) or not. It includes the brief information about project need, objectives, project task, implementation method, strategies, project schedule, monitoring, evaluation and control procedure, project staff, their qualification, their work experiences, budget estimation, target group and so on. It depicts the organization's capability to carryout the project works to client.

Each project is made for customer satisfaction. Therefore a project proposal must include a description of how the project activities will satisfy the customer needs. Its basic purpose it to convinced the customer that the proposal is viable proposition and worthy of support. It is the device used to seek financial source/support for the proposed project. Donor agencies, loan provider provide the loan after the proper evaluation of project proposal. Therefore, it is important for the donor agency, loan provider, customer and the organization who are directly or indirectly related with the outcome of the project proposal.

Project proposal is the grouping of project activities. It may be brief or extensive. It is prepared for both corporate and development project. It is usually divided into two parts i.e. (i) Technical Part (ii) Financial Part. Technical part of project proposal deals with technical details and financial part deals with financial details including total cost.

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