Project Team Characteristics

Project team is a formal team created to achieve the objectives and outcomes of the project. The characteristics of project team are as follow:
  1. Performance: High performance and task efficiency of the team.
  2. Innovative: Innovative and creative behavior on the part of team members. They seek better ways of doing things.
  3. Commitment: High level of commitment of members to project objectives.
  4. Member goals: The professional goals of team members are in harmony with project goals and requirements.
  5. Interdependence: The project team members are highly interdependent and interface effectively.
  6. Conflict Management: Functional conflict is encouraged and managed effectively for beneficial results.
  7. Communication: Effective and open communication within the project team is present.
  8. Trust: High level of trust and cooperative spirit among the team members.
  9. Results - orientation: The project team is focused on achieving project results as the key priority.
  10. Enthusiasm: The project team has high energy levels and enthusiasm. The level of morale is high. There is interest in team membership.
  11. Change - orientation: The project team is concerned with managing change.

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