Product Management and Project Management

A product is any referee that satisfy the customer needs. It may be as tangible, physical goods like soap, carpet, car etc. or may be as intangible, services like insurance, health care, education, advertisement and so on.

Product management is concerned with production, production scheduling, inventory management, distribution and sales of a product line. It focuses on customer satisfaction. Product manager's role is very important in product management who coordinated and expedites (contribute) efforts of product development, launch manufacturing, distribution and sales to ensure uninterrupted, flow of product from its production to its customers. The product manager is active in managing conflicts and resolving problems that would degrade manufacturing capacity, forestall (to prevent) distribution, alter price, hindered sales or in any way affect financing production and marketing of product.

S/he is not willing to admit any factors so that his product line ever end rather s/he adopts various strategies and continuous effort to prolong the life cycle of the product as far as possible. S/he plans, organized, coordinated, implements and controls the product related activities to keep alive in competitive market.

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