Fundamental Research and Theoretical Research

Fundamental research is also called pure or basic research. It is concerned with the quest for knowledge and knowing more about the situation, there may be nothing as practical as a good theory such tyepe of research is also used to reject or support the existing theories about social situation.

Fundamental research involves with the questions that are intellectually challenging. Such research may or may not have practical application at present or in future. Such research may be of very abstract and specialized concepts. Who wants to conduct such research? Should study the concept and assumptions of specialization to know what has been done and what is remained to do.

Theoretical Research
A research which is directing towards finding information that has a broad base of application and thus, adds to the already existing organized body of scientific knowledge is termed as theoretical research. This type of research is also referred as fundamental or pure or basic research. Theoretical research is mainly concerned with generalizations and with the formulation of a theory. It is less relevant to the practical situation of the problems. The result of theoretical research can be generalized universality. To develop new theory this research can contribute.

Research concerning some natural phenomenon or relating to pure mathematics or concerning human behavior are examples of theoretical research.

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