At the end page of research report, books, periodicals articles, lectures, interviews etc. we have usually seen the bibliography. So, all of us are familiar with the term ‘Bibliography.’ But it seems difficult to define the term in an exact word.

A bibliography is a serially numbered list of written sources either published or unpublished, consulted in the preparation of the report during the course of research report, books, periodical articles, lectures, interviews, etc.

The main objectives of bibliography are to permit the reader to find the exact item the researcher consulted. It may be arranged according to the alphabetical order or chapter wise. Generally a bibliography should be listed at the end page of the report. It the articles of journals bibliography are given at the end of the articles.

Review of literature means stock taking of available literature in one’s field of research. By reviewing of literature researcher get or collect the more information about his/her research problem. Scientific research process may be based on past knowledge. The previous study provides the foundation to the present study. The knowledge of previous study can be obtained by reviewing literature. Bibliography has a great significance in reviewing of literature. Bibliography provides the sources of information about the researcher’s research topic.

The following steps can be followed for composing bibliography:  
  1. Refer the available encyclopedias for obtaining a information relevant to the topic. 
  2. In the library, consult the card catalog and decide whether the related materials about the topics are available or not. In the library, there is the card catalog which will be the most useful. The card catalog contains three types of cards; author, title and subject. For the general search one will probably look under the subject. If the researcher receives a recommendation for a particular book from another source, then he/she should look in the card catalog under the title or author. In the subject card catalog subject’s name, author’s name, date of publication etc. specified. In the library must of the books used will be located through the card catalog.
  3. Check journal indexes for related articles.
After collecting the available literature from concerned sources, the researchers have prepared 3’’*5’’ punch card of titles from which the material has reviewed. It helps the researcher to prepare the bibliography list as well as to select the material from concerned shelves of the library.

Bibliographic representation directs researcher for the first place to go for reviewing literature. It provide basis for identifying and defining the problem, and for the formulation of research hypothesis.

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