Scientific Research Process

In simply a research is defined as a process which is done for acquiring new knowledge. It may define as a systematic, careful inquiry or examination done to discover new information or relationships and to expand, verify existing knowledge for some specific purpose. The specific purpose may be applied or academic or both.

In research the term scientific does not necessarily mean science. It refers to the philosophy common to all research methods. A systematic and organized research is known as scientific research process. In this process truths are not ascertained by beliefs, they are determined by logical consideration. It is a systematic approach in which the research is carried out.

Scientific research is a process of research which is free from personal bias or beliefs, a process of ascertain demonstrable qualities of a phenomenon capable of being verified, a process where in the researcher is guided by the rules of logical reasoning, a process wherein the investigation proceeds in an orderly manner and a process that implies internal consistency.

The scientific research process is based on certain basic postulates. They are:
a) It relies an empirical evidence.
b) It utilizes relevant concepts.
c) It is committed to only objective considerations.
d) It presupposes ethical neutrality.
e) It results into probabilistic predictions.
f) Its methodology is made known to all concerned.
g) It aims at formulating scientific theories.

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