Attributes of good management research

For a good management research, all planned actions as well as specifications of research ideas and information are justified. Along with the following headings are also cited.
  • Purpose are clearly defined
  • Research process and work plan are clearly defined
  • Research designs with conceptual vision
  • High ethical standards
  • Limitations are well defined
  • Facts finding and always unbiased
  • Conclusions are justified
Difficulties of Management Research for Business Field/ Social Science Research
Due to the lack of proper information for research, the work and plan of orientations should be misguided and ultimately it pertains the failure of the management research.
  • Complexities of the subject matter.
  • Difficulties of obtaining accurate data/ information.
  • Influence of management process and results.
  • Difficulties for testing hypothesis.
  • Difficulties for future forecast the projects.
  • Problematic objectives may occurred.

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