Objectives of Research

Objectives differ with nature of studies and goals to be attained. Some research studies aim to gather descriptive data or explanatory data or data from which theoretical constructions could be deduced or data, which promote administrative changes or comparisons. The main objectives of research are,
  1. Development of Knowledge: Every science tries to collect a systematized body of knowledge about the subject matter that is studied. For this it used the research as a method. The main objective of research is to add to the knowledge. Similarly business research is an organized and scientific effort to acquire further knowledge.
  2. Scientific Study of Social Life: Social research is an attempt to acquire scientific knowledge about the social phenomenon and social facts. The social researcher makes study of the collective process, social change, social structure, social processes etc by collecting information and formulating into rules.
  3. Welfare of Humanity: Researcher should not make the study for the sake of study alone, but the study should be for the human welfare.
  4. Classification of Fact: Social research aims to clarify facts. They conduct research to determine the sequences and interrelationship of facts.

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