Difference between Consumer Buying Behavior and Organizational Buying Behavior

The differences between consumer buying behavior and organizational buying behavior can be listed as follows:
Bases Consumer Buying Behavior Organizational Buying Behavior
Purpose of Buying
The individual consumers buy goods and services for ultimate use or satisfy their needs. The buying purpose of such consumers is not to earn profit by reselling the goods and services.
The organizations buy goods and services for their business needs. The buying purpose of them is to earn profit by using and reselling the goods and services.
Although consumers buy various kinds of goods, the quantity of goods remains small. They buy only the necessary quantity of goods, which they need for regular use.
Organizational buying is done in large quantities. There are several reasons why organizations must buy the goods they need in bulk. In the first place, they use large quantities of each item and must maintain inventories at a level high enough that they will not run out of stock. Secondly, it is cheaper and more efficient to make large-volume purchases.
Purchase Decision
Consumer buying takes decision by consumers themselves. Sometimes they can consult with family members and friends. They need not fulfill any formality like organizational buying.
Organizational purchasing is a rational process because the purchasing behavior of organizations is guided by objective factors having to do with production and distribution. It takes long time than consumer buying.
Market Knowledge
Most of the consumers may not have adequate knowledge and information about market situation, available goods and services, etc. The educated customers may be aware and have knowledge about market and goods.
Organizational purchase criteria are specifically defined. Organizational buyers usually have fewer brands to choose from than do individuals, and their purchases must be evaluated on the basis of criteria that are specific to the overall needs of the organization. The organizational buyers have full knowledge of market and suppliers.
Types of Goods
Consumers buy many goods to use to satisfy personal or family needs.
Organizational buyers buy limited goods to use to conduct business.
Consumer buying behavior is effected by age, occupation, income level, education, gender etc. of consumers.
Many individuals are involved in the buying process. Within large organizations, rarely is one individual solely responsible for the purchase of products for the purchase of products or services. Instead, many individuals and departments may be involved and departments may be involved in the buying process.
Buying Process
The consumer buying process is very simple. No need to fulfill any formality. There is also no need to maintain extensive contact with sellers.
Buyers and sellers in the organizational market must maintain extensive contact.

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