Sources of Project Authority

De Jure Authority
De Jure Authority is the classical view of project authority. It is the legal right to act or command. The sources of such authority are:
  1. Organization Charter: The memorandum and Articles of Association of Companies may provide legal authority to the project.
  2. Organization Policies, Rules, Regulations: The policies, rules and regulations of the organization may provide legal authority to the project. Manuals may also provide project authority.
  3. Job Description: The job description provided to project manager and team members may specify authority. Such authority is position related.
  4. Delegation: Superiors may delegate their own authority to the project.
De Facto Authority
It is competence view of project authority. It is the power granted by subordinates to superiors. It source is competence, expertise, creditability and interfacing ability of the superiors. The subordinates respect the judgement of the superior and willingly accept the authority in the project.

The sources of De Facto authority in project are:
  1. Technical Competence: The specialized knowledge, expertise and  competence of the superior may provide real authority.
  2. Human Skills: The skills of the superiors for effective interfacing, alliance building, negotiating, support maintenance and conflict resolution may provide real authority.
  3. Informal Organization: The project informal organization in the project can also provide authority.
Project  Plan Authority
Project plan authority is the charter view of project authority. It is the authority provided by the approved project plan. The sources can be:
  1. Project Cost Estimates: They provide spending authority. Budget virement authority may also be provided. It is authority to reallocate budget  from one hand to another. Authority for overtime authorization may also be provided.
  2. Project Schedule: It may provide authority for schedule changes necessitated by design changes and situational demands.
  3. Project Contract: It may provide authority to make changes in the contract. The authority to select consultants and subcontractors may also be  provided.

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