Skills Requirement for Project Manager

The must important element of project management is project manger. He is responsible to plan, direct and integrate the work efforts of participants to achieve project objectives within defined parameters. He is 'linking pin' of all activities regulating both horizontal and vertical flow of work in any organization. He assumes leadership with total responsibility and accountability for project and performs the project functions from inception to completion of the project. His action determines the improvement and goal achievement of the project. Thus successful completion of the project depends upon project manager.

The project manager is special breed of manager who is capable of copying with jobs that range from small to mega project with the life span of few months to several years. In other to perform the couples and challenging task of the project in a dynamic environment, project manager should control the forces of internal environment. Interface with line mangers to procure required resources deal with stakeholders like customers, suppliers, consultants, labor unions etc and analyze the forces of external environment. However, he should be result-oriented.

a) Planning Skills:
  • Setting and defining project goal is the main task of project manager.
  • Formulating project strategies.
  • Scheduling and packaging.
  • Preparation of project proposal.
  • Use of project formulation techniques.
  • Establishing and developing. 
 b) Organizing Skills:
  • Determining the total project work.
  • Preparation of work down structure.
  • Integration of human and non-human resources.
  • Assigning project task to team members.
  • Setting of effective project organizing structure.
  • Allocation of resources.
  • Building using multifunctional work team.
  • Team building.
  • Setting guidelines and target for team members.
  • Assigning responsibilities. Maintaining team spirit.
  • Taking keen interest. Listening power and solving them.
  • Communicating and coordinating the team members.
  • Committing the team members to project.
 c) Administrative Skills:
  • Dealing with stakeholders.
  • Following legal procedures.
  • Negotiation with various parties.
  • Implementing system and procedures.
  • Establishing and maintaining reporting and review system.
  • Managing project control.
d) Leadership Skills:
  • Clear direction and leadership.
  • Sound decision making at the right time.
  • Ability to handle interpersonal conflict.
  • Ability to guide and coach team members.
  • Facilitating group decisions.
  • Timely authority delegation.
  • Unifying team towards project goal.
  • Assistance in problem solving.
  • Ability to know participative management/ shared leadership.

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