Elements/ Components of Project Specification

  1. Statement of Work (SOW): It is the description of the work to be performed in the proposed project. The work may be construction, procurement, installation, operation schedule. For example: in a building construction project specification includes detail description of all the relevant works like size of wall, size and length of pillar etc. 
  2. Quality of materials: Every project requires quality raw materials to deliver the quality output. The quality standard for material to be used in project is specified. It specify the type of materials, standard of materials with its physical and chemical properties.
  3. Detailed Engineering Design: Engineering design is the blueprint of the project. It is the key to implement the project. Therefore the specification should be provided the detailed engineering design.
  4. Workmanship: Specification identifies every type of work in the project. The right man is necessary for the right job to complete the work as per requirement as well as successful attainment of project objectives. Therefore it specifies time and skill of the personnel required to implement the project.
  5. Work in progress: Every work passes its own process as well as linked with other works. It makes clear what is linked activity and which should be completed to start another.

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