Project Management Model

Project management is a new way of thinking about management. It manages complexity and change in a dynamic environment. It makes efficient use of resources for better client satisfaction.

Project management is a systems approach for efficient and effective achievement of project objectives through:
  • Assignment of total responsibility and accountability to a single project manager from inception to completion.
  • Coordination across functional lines.
  • Proper utilization of planning and control tools for better resource use within the constraints of time, cost and quality.
Project management is much like a task force approach to achieve project objectives through better resource use within time, cost and quality constraints with customer focus.
Project Management Model
Project management is an alternative to traditional management. It is planning, implementing and controlling of complex and unique activities through project team to achieve results within constraints with customer satisfaction.

Means, Focus, End in Project Management
Project management consists of  knowledge, tools and techniques for managing a project. It utilizes resources efficiently. It achieves project objectives effectively with customer satisfaction.

Project management defines in advance the who, what, when, where and how before the project begins. This is planning. It assembles project team for the project structure. It allocates resources for various activities. This is organizing. It tracks and monitors performance to get feedback to assess how well the project objectives have been achieved. This is controlling. It manages and motivates people to excel. This is leading. It closes the project when the objectives are achieved.

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