Procedures for Project Proposal

1. Executive Summary/ Summary Statement:
Project proposal begins with an executive summary covering fundamental nature of the proposed project as well as the general benefits that are expected. It is written in simple and non-technical language. It is general outline of the project which depicts the essence or benefits of the project to the target group and reasons for project implementation. It visualize the concept and nature of the project in clear cut way. In fact it is the main body of the project proposal.

2. Cover Letter:
Each project should be accompany by a cover letter. It is the marketing document that explains the things which are put inside the package of project proposal. It provides the prospective of the project. However it should be prepared in attractive and precise way because an evaluator of the project proposal and looks at the cover letter.
3. Technical Approach:
This part of the project proposal is concerned with the analysis of technical issue. It high lights the technical problems to be tackled or the project to be undertaken. The general description of the problem are clearly noted so that a knowledgeable reader can understand what the proposal intense to do. The method of resolving critical problems are outlined. In addition to any special client requirement are listed along with proposed ways of meeting them. All tests and inspection procedure to assure performance, quality, reliability and compliance with the specification are noted.

4) Implementation Approach:
It contain estimate of the time require, the cost require and material. Each major sub system of the project is listed along with estimates of its total cost. These cost are indicated for the old project and totals are shown for each cost category etc like administrative cost, equipment and machinery cost, overhead cost etc. The require time to complete the project is estimated. Likewise the require resources like men, machinery, materials etc are estimated for each system or project at a whole. The major milestone are indicated and contingency plans are specially noted.

5) Plan for Logistic Support and Administration:
It refers to managerial analysis of the project. The proposal includes a description of the ability of the proposal to supply the routine facilities, equipment and skill needed during project implementation period. It explains how the project will be administered including an explanation of how the performance of contractors and sub-contractors will be evaluated. The nature and timing of all progress report and budgetary and audit reports and evaluation ways are covered. A description of the final documentation to be prepare for users, termination procedures are described including disposition of the employees, material, equipment etc at the end of the project.

6) Past experience:

It is the profile of proposing group. All the proposal are strengthened by including the section that described past experience of the proposing group. It contain a list of key project employers together with their title and qualification. For outside clients, a full resume for each principle should be attached to the proposal.

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