Project Authority

Authority is legal power to command, act or direct the activities of others towards the attainment of organizational goal. It is the right to implement the management decision. It is essential to integrate the contribution of each individual of a group in an organization.
Project authority is legitimate (legal) power that is exercise by project manager to direct or command or influence the activities of project team members and to make decision about the project resources such as men, machine, materials, money, information and technology etc for the effective implementation of the project. The authority is generally associated with job position. The project authority is delegated form the top level management to project manager. the authority can be increase, decrease or revoked by the top level. Project a manger is the single responsibility center of the project who is fully responsible to manage all the project task for the attainment of defined objectives. S/he cannot discharge the responsibility without clear and sufficient authority so that he should be provided necessary authority to fulfill his responsibility in the project. If project authority is ambiguities and insufficient, the project may be failure. Therefore, project authority is key factor of project management process. The factors such as poor communication, misleading information, poor working relationships etc. could result in failure to establish authority in the project.

Failure of Project Authority:

  1. The project authority is created according to their project need.
  2. The authority creates through organizational structure.
  3. Authority determines management information system.
  4. Authority is essential for project team.
  5. Authority helps to manpower management.
  6. Authority may be formal and informal.
  7. Authority determines resources, budgeting and time schedule.

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