Project Plan Authority

It is charter view of authority. It is the authority provided by approved project plan. The project plan defines the objectives of project and authority of project manager to handle the activities. The sources of project plan authority are;
  • Approved project plan
  • Approved project cost estimates/ budget
  • Approved project schedule
  • Project contract

Defacto (Real) Authority:
It is competence view of project authority. It is the power granted by subordinates to superiors based on competency, experties, credibility and interfacing ability of superiors. It mean, the sources of defacto authorities are competent experties, credibility and interfacing ability of superiors. The subordinates respect the judgement of superiors and willingly accept the authority in the project. The sources of Defacto Authorities are:
  • Technical competence/ knowledge.
  • Negotiation skills with project team members.
  • Conflict resolution skills.
  • Decision making and communication skills.
  • Informal organization.

Dejure (Legal) Authority:
It is a classical view of project authority. It is legal authority having legal right having legal right to act or to command or to direct the activities of project team members. The sources of dejure authority are as follows:
  • Organization charter.
  • Organization's policies, rules and regulations.
  • Job description.
  • Delegation.
  • Superior's right to command.

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