Considerations For Project Proposal

  1. Project Problem: The project problem for which the proposal is to be prepared should be carefully considered. It should deal with the terms of reference provided. The organization should have the capability to tackle problems of the project.
  2. Organization and Staffing for Implementation: The composition of project team for implementation of project should be multidisciplinary. Professional people should handle the job. Implementation plan should be specified. So should the logistic support for the project.
  3. Costing Estimates: The customer's ability to pay and cost estimates should be the prime considerations in costing of the proposal. There should be a bidding strategy. Competitor's bidding strategy should be considered to set the bid price.
  4. Cost of Proposal: The development of a project proposal involves cost. How much should be spent on preparing the proposal should be an important consideration. The guidelines can be:
  • If the proposal is a full part of the competitive bidding, it is worth investing time and money to prepare it in detail and formally.
  • If the proposal is the first examination of the possibilities of a project, an overview brief proposal should be submitted.

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