Contents of Proposal (Technical Part)

  1. Problems: It should begin with a description of the problems to be addressed. The approach to tackle the problems should be presented in sufficient detail. The methods of resolving critical problems should be outlined. Customer requirements should guide this section.
  2. Special Requirements: Ways of handling special requirements of the customer and variation orders should be listed.
  3. Test and Inspection: All test and inspection procedures to assure performance, quality, reliability and compliance with specifications should be noted.
  4. Logistics: Plan for logistic support should be outlined. It can be facilities, equipment, skills and administrative aspects of the project.
  5. Reporting: Nature and timing of progress reports and evaluations should be noted.
  6. Bio-data: Bio-data of key members of project team and responsibilities assigned to them should be provided.
  7. Capability Statement: It is of the organization presenting the proposal. Past experience should be provided.

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