Project Planning_Organising_Implementing

Project planning
The project manager is responsible for preparation of detailed project plan. It involves:
- Definition of work requirements
- Scheduling of project
- Definition of resources needed
- Definition of quantity of work and specifications.

Project organization design
The project manager is responsible for designing the project structure by:
- Dividing project workload into tasks for job specialization.
- Grouping task and people into project divisions.
- Establishing authority-responsibility relationships for project personnel.
- Coordination mechanism for integration.
- Management of interfaces with the parent organization.

Project implementation
The project manager is responsible for project implementation. The activities consist of:
- Awarding and managing contracts
- Appointing consultants
- Mobilization of resources
- Procurement of goods and services
- Solving problems as they arise
- Providing leadership
- Building a solid information network

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