Project progress control_financial management_change and conflict Management_output delivery

Project progress control
Control is monitoring and correction of performance to achieve project objectives. It consists of :
-tracking actual progress of the project
- comparing actual progress with the targets.
- Analyzing deviations between actual and targeted progress.
- Corrective actions to address deviations. Problems are dealt with.
- Informing stakeholders about the project progress.

Financial Management
The project manager is responsible for efficient and effective use of financial resources. Budgetary control and cost control techniques are used for making effective use of resources. Waste is eliminated.

Change and Conflict Management
Project implies change. The project manager is responsible for managing change. He should also identify and manage risks in the project. Conflict is inevitable in project. The project manager should communicate and negotiate with all the parties involved  in the conflicts. He should avoid management by crisis.

Project output delivery
The project manager is responsible to deliver the project deliverable to the customer.

Project Termination Management
The project manager is also responsible for handover of the project after its termination.

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