Levels of Organizational Behavior

As we know that organization behavior is the systematic study of what people do in an organization and how their behavior affects organization's performance. Organizational behavior has three basic levels.
Fig. Levels of Organization Behavior (OB)
  1. Individual Level: Organization behavior has viewed organization as individual's behavior. It has study the individual behave of people how they react to organizational plan, policies, etc. Psychological theories like learning, motivation and leadership are also considered to study the behavior of an individual. It has also studies the factor like learning, perception, belief, and attitude of each individual.
  2. Group Level: Organization Behavior has studied the group behavior. It has studied, how the group interacts with each other? How they work? What types of task the groups are performing? How does leadership influence to the group etc.
  3. Organizational Level: Organization Behavior is the behavioral science. It has study the behavior of organization as a whole. To study the organization, it applies the knowledge of behavioral science. Organization behavior has tried to analyze how the organizational structure designs technology influence to the organizational effectiveness. It tries to focus the relationship between organization and environmental factor that directly or indirectly affect organization.

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