Benefits of Project in Nepal

Project management in Nepal is a new approach for achieving the objectives of time bound complex projects efficiently and effectively. It has been widely used in Nepal since 1970s.

The benefits of project management approach to Nepal are:
  1. Change Management: Project management approach has served as a vehicle for introducing and managing change in Nepal.
  2. Environmental Adaptation: The flexibility in operations provided by project management approach has facilitated environmental adaption. Nepalese environment is full of risks requiring flexibility.
  3. Resource Mobilization: Project management has been the prime vehicle for mobilizing foreign aid for Nepal's development. The share of foreign aid has been about 55 percent in the total planned outlay in Nepal over the last forty years.
  4. Infrastructure Development: Project management has been instrumental in developing physical and social infrastructure in Nepal.
  5. Better Resource Utilization: Project management has facilitated co-ordination and better utilization of resources across ministries in the government. Decision making has been faster.
  6. Human Resource Development: Project management has facilitated human resource development in Nepal. A pool of professional project managers and experts is available in Nepal. Professional and technical development has been facilitated by foreign training and seminars made possible through project funding. The country's human resource capability has increased.
  7. Organizational Re-engineering: Project management has facilitated pure project and the matrix organization structure to implement projects in Nepal. This has facilitated organizational re-engineering.
    • The "Development Committee" pure project structure was the outcome of the need to apply project management concept to manage development projects.

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