Construction Project

The construction project is engineering-oriented for construction of buildings, highways, bridges, dams etc. Its components are given in figure;
Components of Construction Project

  1. Physical Space: It is the area of land on which the project will be constructed.
  2. Materials: They are various types of construction and other materials.
  3. Equipment and Tools: They are needed to execute works.
  4. Human Resources: They are the members of the project team.
  5. Finance: It is money to pay bills, employees, labor and other expenses.
  6. Technology: It consists of equipments, skills, methods and systems.
Activities in building construction project consists of:
  • Digging and constructing foundation.
  • Construction of walls.
  • Fixing of doors and windows.
  • Construction of roof.
  • Sanitary and electrical fittings.
  • Boundary walls and paving of walls.

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