Internal Environment

Internal environment is located within the project. It is controllable by the project. It provides strength and weakness to the project. The forces in the internal environment consist of:
  1. Project Objectives: Objectives are the desired outcomes or end results of the project. Project activities must be conducted within project objectives. A project must focus on objectives. It ceases to exist when the objectives are achieved.
  2. Constraints: A project operates within the constraints of cost, time and quality performance. They delineate the scope and boundaries of the project.
  3. Structure: A project is a temporary organization. Its structure generally cuts across organizational and departmental lines. It usually has its own management consisting of a project team headed by a project manager. Team members come from various disciplines with varied experiences. Projects must functions within the boundary of their structure.
  4. Resources: A project consists of human and non-human resources. It usually has its own budget. Resource availability sets a limit on project activities.

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