Managerial Skills

The most required skill for successful attainment of project goal remains on managerial skill. Managerial skill is the ability to practice management concepts, tools and techniques. The specific skills needed are:
  • Planning and control skills: Planning is ability to set targets and decide actions to achieve targets. Control is to measure performance to take corrective actions.
  • Organization skills: It is getting the project team together and assigning authority and responsibility to each member.
  • Decision making skills: It is to understand the problem, identify and evaluate alternatives and make a choice and implement the decision.
  • Human resource management skills: It is effectively utilizing the energy and potential of project team by managing people.
  • Leadership skills: It is directing and influencing the project team to achieve project objectives willingly and enthusiastically.
  • Budgeting skills: It is allocating, utilizing and controlling project resources.

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