Human Skills

The another skill required for the successful manager is human skill. It is the ability to get along with people and get the work done through other people. It is also the interpersonal skill. It is related to human factor of project management. They are:
  • Communication Skill: For the successful completion of project within the constraint of time and cost, there should be smooth flow of information from the top to bottom and bottom to top. It is the flow of information and understanding of meaning between sender and receiver. It keeps everyone informed about project progress. Active listening and feedback skills are important for successful project manager.
  • Motivation Skill: For getting work done through others, motivation is required. Motivation skill is required for successful manager to be work done. It induces project team for higher productivity to excel in achieving project objectives. It sustains employee involvement.
  • Negotiation and bargaining Skill: It is needed to acquire needed human and non-human resources from line managers. It sustains support of key stakeholders of the project. It manages interfaces to build favorable relationships. It is listening carefully and persuading.
  • Conflict Management Skill: It is the ability to resolve all kinds of opposition or antagonistic interaction in the project. Dysfunctional conflicts that adversely affect project performance are managed.
  • Stress Management Skill: A project manager is bombarded by various pressures that cause stress. He should have skills to manage stress. He should cultivate low stress environment.

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