Conceptual and Team Building Skill

Conceptual Skill:
Conceptual skill are the ability to relate the project to environmental forces with a systems perspective. These skills are essential for optimization of project performance. The project manager should have mission, foresight, judgment and intuition. Mission is the reason for performing the project work.

Team Building Skill:
Team building skill are the ability to integrate people from many disciplines and departments into an effective team. The project manager should build and maintain effective team. He should create a conductive environment for teamwork by:
  • Setting guidelines and targets for team members and helping them to prioritize workloads.
  • Assigning responsibilities.
  • Creating commitment and strong sense of identity and loyalty for the project by sustaining team spirit and focusing on performance. Individual efforts should result in positive synergy.
  • Getting timely feedback and keeping everyone informed of project progress.
  • Maintaining accountability.
  • Showing concern for continuous quality improvement in the project. Revisiting work designs.
  • Leading and motivating team members to participate actively to attain project objectives. Shared leadership roles.
  • Managing conflicts. Creating functional conflicts.
  • Taking sincere interest in the growth and development of team members through training and coaching.
  • Taking risks in the project interests.
  • Providing a good work environment.

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