Project Team Building

Projects involve more than one person. Team work is crucial to achieve project success. Team building is an ongoing process in projects.
A work group is a group that interacts primarily to share information and make decisions to help each member perform. It s performance is summation of what its members perform as individuals.

A team is a group of people performing tasks together. Their individual efforts result in positive synergy through coordinated efforts. Its performance is greater than the summation of what its members perform as individuals. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Work Group Work Team


Synergistic efforts are always more than the individuals efforts. If all individuals work separately then the overall efforts will be 2 + 2 = 4. If same work is performed by the efforts of group or team then it produce 2+2=5 output.

A team has the following characteristics:
  • Its goal is collective performance. It is guided by specific team objectives. 
  • The outcome is positive synergy through collective outputs. It measures performance directly in terms of collective team effectiveness.
  • The leadership role share shared. Team members interact and are interdependent on each other.
  • The accountability is individual and mutual.
  • The member skills are multiple and complementary.
  • It discusses and decides through active problem solving meetings. It does real work.
  • Teams build esprit de crops, build synergy, permit faster decision making, facilitate workforce diversity, increase performance, promote creativity and manage change.

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