Limitations of Project Management

  1. Lack of Long Range Planning: Organizations are involved in achieving the objectives of temporary projects. This may adversely affect strategic planning for long-term direction and scope of the organization.
  2. Organizational Disruption: Projects compete for people and resources with functional departments. This may disrupt the normal functioning of the organization.
  3. Constrained Human Resource Development: Shifting people form project to project may constrain the training and development of new employees by experienced employees.
  4. Reluctance for Authority Delegation: Senior line mangers may be unwilling to delegate authority to project managers. They may be afraid of losing their positions to project managers. Top management support may also be lacking.
  5. Organizational Restructuring: Organizational restructuring for project management may require changes. They may be resisted by employees in functional departments.
  6. Team-related Problems: Members of project team lack stability. This constrains effective team work. Team identity and norms development take a long time. Team members have divided loyalty if they work on multiple projects and also report to line managers.
  7. Conflicts: Conflicts in project team may not be manged effectively. They can disrupt the project. Project autonomy may create with line department.
  8. Unsuitable: Project management may not be suitable for all tasks. It is not suitable for small organizations which lack resources.

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