Objectives of Human Resource Management (HRM)

Objectives of Human Resource Management (HRM)

The primary objective of any organization is to maximize profits and wealth attribution to the owners of the firm. The main objective of human resource management is to manage the workers and employees in an enterprise in the best manner. Following are the important objectives of human resource management in an organization:
1. To increase the welfare of human resource: personnel management is to increase the welfare of workers and employees engaged in an enterprise. Best working conditions should be provided and many other welfare programmes must be launched so that employees may get the facilities of health and recreation.

2. To establish harmonious relations between labour and capital: The objective of personnel management is to establish harmonious and friendly relations between labour and capital in the enterprise. The philosophy of modern management is that the contribution of labour is not less important than that of the capital. “Managers realize that they cannot make the best of capital without co-operation of the labour. Therefore, it stresses upon the development of trust and faith between employees and employers.

3. To arrange effective communication with employees: Another very important of personnel management/ Human Resource Management is to maintain effective communication with employees so that the orders and directions of management may be passed to the employees and the problems and grievances of workers may also be communicated to the management.

4. To develop the employees: The objective of human resource management is the development of employees working in an enterprise. Employees are provided the facilities of training and education so that the efficiency and ability of the employees may be increased.

5. Other objectives: Other objectives of human resource management/ personnel management are:
  • To arrange for the sufficient number of efficient, capable and expressed employees in all the departments and at all the levels of management.
  • To motivate the employees so that the productivity of enterprise may be increased
  • To increase the moral of employee
  • To provide the best working conditions to the employees so that they may complete their work in most efficient manner.
  • To integrate HR policies with business plans and reinforce and an appropriate culture or as necessary, reshape an inappropriate culture.

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