Impact of Job Design on Motivation of the Employees

Impact of Job Design on Motivation of the Employees

Employee needs in terms of autonomy, variety, task identifies, task significance, and feedback are considered. The methods are:
1. Job Enrichment: It adds new sources of satisfaction to jobs. Jobs are made challenging and meaningful by increasing responsibility, autonomy and control. More planning and control responsibilities are added to the job usually with less supervision and more self-evaluation. Workers get greater autonomy in planning and controlling their performance. It is also known as “vertical loading” of job. The steps in job environment are
  • Select Jobs, which are suitable for enrichment; identify changes needed.
  • Change contents of the job to provide autonomy, control, responsibility, achievement, and advancement.
  • Train and guide employees
  • Integrate enriched jobs into work schedule.
2. Autonomous Team (self-directed team): Autonomous teams are a group of employees with widely defined jobs and responsibilities to achieve specific goal. Team members are highly committed, decide collectively, interact continuously, work closely, determine work assignments and working methods and practice self-supervision.

3. Modified works schedule: The work schedule should be modified. The techniques can be:
  • Shorter workweek; worker work ten hours each day for four days. It provides mere leisure to employees. Turnover and reduced absenteeism. 
  • Flexible time
  • Job sharing
  • Homework
The Impact of Job Design on Productivity of the Employees
1. Work Simplifications: The job is simplified by breaking down the tasks of the job. The task contained in one job may be assigned to two jobs. The outcome of work simplification is more specialization.

2. Job Rotation: Employees are allowed to move from job to job. The jobs are not changed; only the employees are rotated.

3. Job Enlargement: The tasks assigned to a job are increased by adding similar tasks. The scope of the job is enlarged horizontally. It is also known as “Horizontal loading” of job.

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