Concept of Job Analysis

Concept of Job Analysis

Job analysis forms an intensive, direct technique for identifying the crucial information regarding the job. It is the process of determining the tasks involves in the job and personnel qualities of the individuals required to involve in the job. According to Flipper, “Job analysis is the process of studying and collecting information relating to the operations and responsibilities of a specific job.” Job analysis provides information both for the job and jobholder. It involves the breaking up of a job into its basic elements and studying them in detail to obtain all pertinent facts about the job. It provides information about job contents, job duties personnel qualities required for the job.

Uses/ Advantages/ Benefits of Job Analysis:
  1. It helps in proper placement of employees by matching job requirements and personnel case of units and misfits are reduced.
  2. It helps to improve efficiency due to better placement and frequently suggests method for improvements.
  3. Job analysis helps in improving the design of job and work methods. It aids in analyzing work processes and work simplification. It also serves as the basis for time and motion studies conducted to lay down work standards for incentive plans.
  4. It provides a basis for manpower planning and for intelligent recruitment and selection of personnel. It reveals the nature and qualities of people for employees.
  5. Job analysis helps in devising the training and development programmes for employees.
  6. It facilities job evaluation and performance appraisal, which are necessary for wage determination, for appraising the working conditions and promotions and transfers.
  7. By facilitating the matching of employee skills with job requirements, job analysis helps to improve job satisfaction, motivation and morale of employees. Absenteeism and turnover of the personnel can be reduced. 
  8. It assists management are the proper allocation of authority and responsibility by describing the duties of each job and the interrelationships among jobs.

Procedure of Job Analysis

The job analysis process involves the following steps.

Step – I Collection of Background Information

Step – II Selection of Representative Position to be analyzed

Step – III Collection of Job Analysis Data

Step – IV Developing a Job Description

Step – V Developing a Job Specification

Step – VI Developing Employee Specification

Job Analysis Information

The job analysis provides the following information:
  • Job identification which includes job title.
  • Significant characteristics of a job including location, physical setting, union jurisdiction hazards etc.
  • What the typical worker will do?
  • What materials and equipments the workers use.
  • Performa of job duties.
  • Required personnel attribute.
  • How the job are performed.
  • Job relationship.

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