Project Monitoring and Evaluation System of Asian Development Bank

  1. Monitoring: The monitoring system of progress of projects which is sponsored by Asian Development Bank is based on the Project Management Information System (PMIS). Periodic reports, accounting statements, statistical analysis and other related reports are produced through Project Management Information System (PMIS). It also specify the arrangements for provision of such reports and statements to Asian Development Bank (ADB) for monitoring project progress. The another way of monitoring done by the ADB through telephone contacts, correspondence and other methods as and when needed.
  2. Evaluation: The Appraisal Report and Loan Agreement specify arrangements for evaluation of project. The ADB uses field missions to evaluate the progress of the project. The various types of evaluation can be:
    • Appraisal: The mission evaluates the project's ability to succeed. An Appraisal Report is prepared which guides the project activities for implementation.
    • On-going Evaluation: The mission evaluates progress of the project during implementation phase. Corrective actions are recommended in the aide memoir prepared after evaluation. The timing of evaluation is as specified in the Loan Agreement or Appraisal Report. Generally, it is annual or half yearly.
    • Project Completion Evaluation: The mission evaluates the project after completion and prepares the "Project Completion Report". Lessons learned are presented which serve as guidelines for improvements of future projects.
    • Benefit Monitoring and Evaluation: ADB Loan Agreement also provides for benefit monitoring and evaluation.
      • Benefit monitoring provides information needed to ensure that services are delivered to and result in benefits to those whom the project is intended to benefit. The delivery, use and immediate effects of services provided are monitored.
      • Evaluation of benefits of completed projects provides information to improve the design and implementation arrangements for future projects.
      • Highly skilled, professional and independent consultants are hired to monitor and evaluate benefits.

ADB = Asian Development Bank
PMIS = Project Management Information System

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