Contributing Disciplines to OB

Organization behavior is an applied science that is built up on contribution from a number of behavioral science such as:
  1. Psychology: It is a science, which describes the change of behavior of human and other animals. It is concerned with the more study of human behavior. The major contribution of psychology in the field of OB (Organizational Behavior) have been concerned are following:
    • Learning
    • Personality
    • Perception
    • Individual decision-making
    • Performance appraised
    • Attitude measurement
    • Employee selected
    • Work design
    • Motivation
    • Emotions
    • Work strain
    • Job satisfaction
  2. Social Psychology: It is an area within psychology that blends concepts from psychology and sociology and that focuses on the influence of people on one another. The major contributions of social psychology to OB are as follows:
    • Behavior change
    • Attitude change
    • Communication
    • Group process
    • Group decision-making
  3. Sociology: It is the study of society, social institution and social relationship. The main contributions of sociology to the field of OB are as follows:
    • Group dynamics
    • Communication
    • Power
    • Conflict
    • Inter group behavior
    • Formal organizational theory
    • Organizational technology
    • Organizational change
    • Organizational culture
  4. Anthropology: It is the study of society to learn human beings and their activities. The major contributions of Anthropology in the field of OB are as follows:
    • Comparative values
    • Comparative attitudes
    • Cross-culture analysis
    • Organization environment
    • Organization culture
  5. Political Science: It is the study of the behavior of individuals and group within or political environment. The main contribution of political science in the field of OB have been concerned with:
    • Conflict
    • Intra-organizational policies
    • Power

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