Time Management Techniques

  1. Clarity in Goal: For managing time, there should be clarity in goal. In this, all should understand what is expected from them.
  2. Work Plan: There should be allocation work clearly to team members. Project activities should be defined and sequenced. Time duration for each activity should be estimated. A schedule should be developed and controlled for project activities.
  3. Use Daily Planner: Preparation of to do list and regular update is necessary.
  4. Daily Record: Maintenance of daily record like time log. Analyze it to prioritize work and to locate unproductive time. Find ways to improve next day's work.
  5. Use Dead Time: Effectively use dead time wasted in waiting for appointments and meetings.
  6. Avoid time stealers:
    • Control telephone calls and casual visitors in the project.
    • Avoid information overload by managing its flow.
    • Avoid unnecessary meetings and agenda-less meeting.
    •  Improve communication channels.
    • Avoid decision delays and give clear instructions to subordinates.
    • Manage conflicts effectively.
    • Insist on well done and completely done jobs.
  7. Use Time Saving Technology: Computers, Internet, fax, teleconferencing etc. save time. Information technology is a time saver. make use of them.
  8. Organize Work Life: Project manager should organize his work life by:
    • Learning to say no to jobs not liked.
    • Keeping the work desk clutter-free.
    • Knowledge of energy cycle and blocking times for creative work.
    • Setting deadlines for activity completion.
    • Focusing on one thing at a time.
    • Practicing calculated neglect.
    • Doing difficult tasks first.
    • Learning to relax.
    • Conducting meeting effectively.
    • Managing risks effectively.
  9. Delegate: After getting appropriate time, delegate it. Create project-wise awareness for effective time management.
  10. Ask three questions for Time Management:
    1. Do I have to do this work at all?
    2. Can somebody else do this work better?
    3. Are my priorities right.

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  1. Great tips, this would help a lot to manage time effectively and get more things done. Another good thing to do when managing time is to take a regular break, which could help you relax a bit and regain sanity. I believe that #4 Daily Record is essential for you cannot manage time if you don’t measure it. This way it could also help you limit wasted time and allows you to improve productivity. At work I use this time tracking tool called Timedoctor, which I use to list my entire tasks for the day and organize it depends on priority level. Then, set an estimated amount of time when working on each task. I even set my regular break on it.