Publicity: Project Management, Policy Analysis, Marketing

Meaning of Publicity

The other important element/factor of promotion is publicity. This can be known as public relation. In order to achieve any organizational goal/objective, social organizations, persons, group, government bodies, organizations, offices, banks, and other financial organizations can play important role. The task of publicizing/propagating the policy, programs, strategy,
products etc. by any business organization is called publicity. Budget arrangement is not necessary for such publicity. Publicity of goods can be made through press conference, speech, newspapers etc.

Publicity of the goods or services intended to sell also influences social, cultural, political, intellectual sectors besides business sector. So, objective of marketing, selection of the message and its implementation aspect should be seriously considered. Speaking about the product at any public forum or gathering can leave positive effect. So, description of goods or services should be based on logic and true data. Real publicity becomes meaningful only after mentioning important matter.

The meaning of publicity becomes clearer from the definition made by different experts and writers of marketing as follows:
According to Prof. William J. Stanton, "Publicity is nay communication about an organization, its products, or policies through the media that is not paid for by the organization."
According to Prof. Philip Kotler, "Publicity is the activity to promote a company or its products by planning news about it is the media not paid for by the sponsor."
Publicity is made not through organization but through outside sectors. The organization does not have to bear its expenses. News about the organization and its products and prices are disseminated through person, group, customers, consumer association, government bodies/organizations etc. After the information has been communicated, the consumers become confident about the product. So, this method becomes more effective than advertisement. The organization can play great role to encourage publicity. Company/firm can organize inauguration program by inviting celebrated/famous personalities, etc. for publicity. The company may also organize annual program inviting ministers each year. A company can make publicity and propagation about the organization and its products through such different programs and activities.

Objectives of Publicity

Publicity is supposed as the important element of promotion mix. It is made through different media without expenses. The objective of publicity can be mentioned as follows:

1. Announce new product

New product should be publicized much as soon as possible. Publicity can be used to bring the new goods in market. Press media provide special column to announce the new product. For instance, the Kantipur Newspaper has allocated columns for commerce and finance, advertisement, features etc. Such matters are entertained in proper place according to the nature of the advertisement and information. Company or firm company can publish notices, information, messages about features, quality, development of new product, services, price utility etc. of the products. Such publicity draws attention of the customers towards new products.

2. Announce new policy

Changed and new policies also can be announced through media. The organization/firm may adopt a new policy on allowance, or dividend distribution, or revise or improve the old policy. Information about such things should be given to all the concerned parties and people. If such information is communicated through publication/media, it gains popularity, and new policy is announced to make the people know about the new products.

3. Announce technical development

Every business organization may develop new technology and make experimental practices. If such development has been made, they should be publicized. Such publicity makes the people/customers know that the organization is able to develop new technology. Such communication and messages increase popularity and peoples' trust towards the organization.

4. Report the performance

Every business organization needs to give information to its shareholders and concerned parties about its performance. Such information can be communicated in the form of reports different media. For this purpose, proper media can be selected. Generally, this type of publicity is made by organizing annual general meeting at which report about the present condition, future program, plan, financial position, etc. of the organization is presented.

5. Counter the negative publicity

Competitors may involve in every market. They may propagate against the organization and its products. So, such negative propagation should be immediately refuted countered. While refuting or countering such propagation, the organization should publish financial position, transaction, sales plan, etc. For this proper media should be selected. Special articles/features also can be published through effective media and press conference, pamphlets distribution etc. program may be organized for such purpose. Mass communication media also can be used for such purpose. It makes the customers' confusion clear about the organization and its products.

Types of publicity

There are different styles of publicity. Among them news release, feature articles, press conference and publication are mostly practiced. They are mentioned as follows:

1. News release

News can be released through different media. Generally, much practiced media are radio, television, newspapers, magazines etc. Message about goods or services can be publicized. Specially, messages about policies and programs of the organization, features, quality product development, technical aspects etc. of the products can be disseminated through these media. The most suitable as well as popular media is press. Photograph publication adds more attractiveness.

2. Feature/articles

The second important method for publicity is publication of feature/articles. In such feature/articles the objective/mission of the organization, its policy, programs, research reports, used technology, progress report etc. are described. Such feature article is written specially by an experienced person working in the organization. This feature article is published through proper media. As details of the organization, products, features etc. are included in feature article, it becomes longer and descriptive than news publication. It also becomes reliable and dependable.

3. Press conference

Press conference is organized to say some important things to press media. Organization and its products, policy, program, strategy can be advertised through press conference. The media men are invited and clear information is given to them about subject wanted to publicize. Answers should be given to the questionnaire asked by the media men. Besides, the subject intended to publish is also distributed to them. In this way, the information of the company is disseminated at a time through different news reporters. As the newsmen involved in the conference positively present the news about the company and its products, press conference becomes effective medium for publicity.

4. Publication

Newspapers, brochure, news, letter etc. also can be used to propagate and communicate information about the organization and its products. This includes annual reports, bi-annual reports, audio visual materials etc. However, publication media should be used according to the nature of products, capacity and suitability. Media should be without cost. This method can be used in service oriented program.

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