Public Relation

Meaning of Public Relation

The institutional advertisement done for maintaining image or reputation of the company is called public relation. Public relation is an important tool for sales promotion. In order to maintain image of the company different promotional programs are conducted. Such programs can have positive effect on target group or potential
customers. This communicates true information to customers, distributors, employees, local communities, suppliers etc. about the company and its programs through different media.
According to Prof. William J. Stanton, "Public relation is a management tool designed to favorably influence attitude towards an organization, it s products and its policy."
This definition makes it clear that public relation creates an environment to understand the company's programs, policy and strategy positively. Such views, expression or attitudes may come out through books, writings, press or house publication.

Generally, the task of presenting positive information or news about organization is public relation. It tries to make wide publicity about products by seeking sponsors. Besides this, public relation establishes good understanding between organization and people. Similarly, it provides true information, suggestion, advice etc. about the issue of public concern and position of the company. So, public relation is very important.

Nature of Public Relation

In this modern age, public relation is very important task of marketing. It is used for the bright future of a business organization. It creates positive environment/atmosphere for conducting business. It also maintains good understanding between customers and company. It has its own nature and forms which are mentioned as follows:

1. Press relation

News and information about the organization are disseminated through press media. Press media publish positive aspects of the company. While giving true and factual description of the company, the company gives emphasis on its objective, philosophy, policy and programs. Here press media means, specially, booklets, pamphlets, reports, literary writings, magazines etc. The main role of articles is also to point out the form of public relation. Similarly, both the house and outside publication can strengthen public relation.

2. Public service relation

Publicity about company's activities can be made through different sponsors. This can establish public relation without cost or with little cost. Similarly, any organization may help to disseminate information to promote understanding. The tactical policy of influencing parliament, government or rules and regulations, legal provision and helps in promoting them also serve public relation. It helps to heighten the image of the company. Counseling, suggestion, advice of any party or group may greatly help management. Similarly, raising voice for the interest of public and related subjects also helps management. Such nature appears in the public relation. They also become beneficial to the company.

Objectives of Public Relation

Public relation/contact plays an important role in creating positive image of the company. This task gives effective confidence to the local community, customers, employees, stockholders and government. Such creative activities need some objectives which are mentioned as follows:

1. Awareness

Public relation provides sufficient information and news about any company and its products. It also provides sufficient information about the company's leadership and its role. This makes concerned sides aware. So, marketing expert should determine awareness as its first objective.

2. Established Credibility

Various information and news about the company and its products are provided through different media such as newspapers, magazines etc. The editorial columns provide real position of the company. This gives confidence to the concerned sides of the company and products.

3. Creation of favorable/positive image

Public relation creates positive image of the company. This also encourages the manpower and dealers engaged in selling. They feel proud thinking, "We are involved in dealing in quality goods of reputed company." This encourages the employees to discharge their duty successfully and play important roles to maintain good image of the company.

4. Reduction of promotion cost

Leaders, opinion, researchers and publisher carry out informative articles about the company. This costs much lesser cost than the cost for advertisement. The saved promotion cost can be used in other works. So, the objective of public relations is to reduce/minimize the promotion cost.

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