Meaning of Management Development

Management development aims to ensure that the organization has the effective managers it requires to meet its present and future need. In another words, management development is a systematic process of improving managerial effectiveness by imparting knowledge, increasing skills and changing attitude. It is concerned with improving
the performance of existing managers, giving them opportunities for growth and development, and ensuring, as far as possible, that management succession within the organization is provided for.

According to Decenzo and Robins, “Management development is future oriented training focusing on personal growth of the employee. The emphasis of management development is on handling of situations, people or problems. It is largely self-development.

Objectives of Management Development
The goals/ objectives of management development are:
  • Increase managerial capabilities
  • Enhance managerial effectiveness
  • Foster teamwork
  • Facilitate environmental adoption
  • Improve managerial decision making
  • Facilitate managerial succession and career development
  • Aid managerial job satisfaction and retention
The objective of management development is to increase the effectiveness of the organization by improving the performance of managers by seeing they are clearly informed of their responsibilities, and by agreeing with them objectives against which their performance will be measured.
Identifying managers with further potential and ensuring they receive the required development, training and experience to equip them for more senior posts within their own locations and elsewhere in the organizations.
Assisting chief executives and manager throughout the organization to provide adequate succession and to create a system where by this are kept under regular view.

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