Career Planning and Succession Planning

Career planning is the process of selecting career goals and path to reached the goals. It is basically a planning process for future purpose. It can be done by all level of employee and it is an individual responsibility. HR (Human Resource) encourages career planning of employee through career education counseling.

Succession planning is generally done for top level and middle level managers. As for example, many people join in organization, all their aim are to become manager or CEO, but due to several reasons like retirement, resignation, death, people become unable to become manager, thus preparing some people for future manager is succession planning.
Career PlanningSuccession Planning
    Career planning is for all the employee from lower level to upper level.
    Career planning is a matching process between individual aspiration and organizational opportunities.
    Time frame for career planning has no limit. And it is guaranteed the development of career in every course of stages are needed.
    In career planning, plans and goals are developed all the employee.
    It considers individual employee.
    Time frame is unlimited.
    Succession planning is concerned for the higher-level executives only.
    Succession planning is a detail career path multiple back up group of manager in reserve to fill any position opening that might occur.
    Time frame is of 12-36 months. It is not guarantee.
    In succession planning, plans and goals are set for specific selected employee that succeeds for manager in future.
    It consider employee and the position.
    Time frame is limited.

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