Suggestion for Effective Management of Conflict

From the previous technique, what picture can be drawn out is that conflicts are solved by the groups. Manager has to play key role on managing every conflict. It conflict goes out of his/her hand, it brings many negative consequences in the attainment of the goal. So the rational manager's duty is first identify the sources of conflict, diagnosis it and use different technique depending upon the nature and size of conflict to manage it.

Among different approaches of conflict management, I think avoiding approach is the most effective for managing conflict.

Avoiding: Avoiding is a style low on both assertiveness and cooperativeness. Avoiding is a deliberate decision to sidestep a conflict issue, postpone addressing it till later or withdraw from a conflicting situation. In certain situations, it may be appropriate to avoid a conflict. For example, when parties are much angry and need time to cool down, it may be best to use avoidance. Avoiding conflict can be very functional when the issue involved in the conflict is trivial. However, research shows that overuse of this style results in negative evaluations from others in the workplace. Here is an example of the avoiding style of conflict management in use.

The head of a large MNC stayed regularity in a posh five star hotel in Kathmandu. On one such trip, he forgot to remove the "Do Not Disturb" sign from his door when he left for work in the morning. He came back late at night to find his room as he had left it: the sheets unchanged, the breakfast tray still there, and the room unswept. The sign on the door was intact.

His reaction: He charged down to the reception, sign in hand, and proceeded to scream the hotel down. When the receptionist said that they were merely following his instructions, he got even more agitated, saying that he could have died in his room, and nobody would have disturbed him.

The situation was rapidly spiraling of control, when the hotel's General Manager stepped in. within minutes, he has pacified the charged executive apologizing profusely instead of arguing with him. He then put him in a better room till his room was made up, and sent him dinner. Suitably mollified, the guest was soon tucking into his food all anger forgotten, and the staff heaved a sigh of relief.

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