Pre-requisites of OD (Organizational Behavior)

Organizational development does not emerge itself. There are some conditions, which must be accomplished as pre-requisites to OD are mentioned below:
  1. There should be the explicit commitment of the top management to change and improve the organization, denote its time and resources to this long term effort, take the risk and experiment, with new methods of handling the problems, be keen to assess its own behaviors and attitudes for personal development purpose, and be able to tolerate confusing results which may occur at the initial stages of the OD programme. Usually, we find that top executives suffer from the misconception that all is fine with them and it is lower level personnel who are to be trained and improved. This attitude towards subordinates hampers an effective OD programme. 
  2. The existence of strong and competent internal change facilitators and resourceful individuals, who can perform the role of internal change agents, provides momentum to the OD work.
  3. Successful experience with the earlier efforts in some parts of the organization provides momentum to further efforts and thus, forms a significant prerequisite, to the effective performance of an organizational development programme.
  4. The involvement of capable and experimented external consultants, especially during the earlier stages of OD work, provides the objectivity and variety of skills, which may make the programme highly effective. However, it is necessary that the consultant develop the internal change facilitators and the problem solving ability of the organization instead of making the organization dependent upon himself.
  5. The presence of some influential managers, who act as like link pins between crucial groups and are willing to introduce change and experiment with new methods of work, forms another prerequisite to a successful OD programme.
  6. The internationalization of concern for renewal, re-education, constant assessment of the organizational health and corporate excellence forms a very crucial prerequisite to effective OD effort.
  7. There is the prerequisite in the form of built-in reward systems. Attempts should be made to build the reward systems for the effective performance of results.

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