Concept of Communication Networks

Communication network can be defined as the channel through which information flow. Different parts of organization are linked together through communication network. Just for a simple example INTERPOL i.e. International Police Organization has its network in worldwide to capture terrorist.

In the case of management, there are five common communication networks which are as follows:
1. Chain: Where one person transmits information to another as per the chain in the organizational hierarchy. For example, the president informs the vice-president who then passes on the information to the head of the department and so on.

President --> Vice President --> Department Head Managers --> Unit In-charge --> Supervisor --> Layman

2. Wheel or Star: Here one personal (supervisor for instance) can communicate with (say) four subordinates, but the subordinates do not communicate with each other.
3. Circle: Where each member can interact with the adjoining member.
4. All- Channel: Where each of the individuals can communicate with all other.
5. Inverted Y: Where two people report to a boss, who has two levels above and the communication shown in the pattern shown in figure below:

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