Techniques for making Teams effective

  1. Set Guidelines:
    • Identification of what drives the team.
    • Clearly defined goals. Members should have clear understanding of the goals.
    • Clearly defined authority, responsibility and accountability.
    • Optimal size of team members.
    • Leader who leads the team.
    • Issues to be focused
    • Plans to set targets.
  2.  Focus Teams on Performance:
    • Skills of team members should be appropriate and relevant. Members should be provided with training.
    • Cordial interpersonal relations should be developed.
    • Motivation of members should be high.
    • Commitment of team members should be total.
    • Communication should be open and flow in all directions.
    • Top management should create environment of commitment and trust.
    • Performance evaluation should be a continuous process.
  3. Revisit Work Design
    • Autonomy: It is responsibility for what one does. It provides freedom in decision making.
    • Skill variety: It is variety in the use of abilities and skills. Lack of variety leads to boredom.
    • Task identity: It is doing the whole piece of work. It provides a sense of accomplishment.
    • Task significance: It is the feeling that the work has meaning to people inside and outside the organization.
  4. Manage Conflicts within Team
    • Creating mutual trust among members.
    • Unified commitment to team goals.
    • Open communication with active listening. Removing barriers to communication.
    • Effective leadership.

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