Critical Behavioral Issues

Human beings are a complex phenomenon. Two people act differently in same situation. As we know behavior of an individual and behavior of group are quite different. Thus, due to the complexities that are found in behavior, regulating an organization smoothly has become a problem, which have been great challenges for the managers. The challenges that has to be faced due to critical behavior by the manager are as follows:
  1. Responding to globalization: Today, world is like a small village due to globalization. Manager of today are required to work with people from different cultures. Globalization requires managers to modify their management practices to suit differences among people from different cultures and countries.
  2. Work force diversity: Work force diversity refers different types of work force in organization. It means that there is the diversity of the work force. Organization has become heterogeneous in terms of gender, race and ethnicity. So due to work force diversity, there is a great challenge for the manager to manage all its manpower towards the goal of the organization. But this challenges can be an opportunity for the manager if s/he innovates and creates the idea handling them properly.
  3. Skill deficiency: Skill deficiency has been another critical behavioral issues for the manager to be confronted. Due to the development of IT sector, companies are installing advance technologies to cope with competition. Company at one hand has installed the advance technology but at the other hand they have lacking of the required skill to operate this technology. They have the problem that the existing staff do not posses the required skill and they can't replace those existing staff by the new having required skill. Providing training to the existing staff costs much that hiring from outside. Thus, this behavioral issue is also facing by the present day managers.
  4. Managing change: Change is an on-going activity for most organizations. Change is need for both employee and managers. Employee needs change to continually update their knowledge and skill to meet new job requirements. Managers are familiars about change to live with flexibility. Spontaneous and unpredictability change effectively managed can only protect organization norms, culture, values etc.
  5. Improvising ethical behavior: Managers of today face a lot of ethical dilemmas. Managers need to create an ethically healthy climate for employee. They should establish codes of conduct, and offer training and seminars to improve to ethical behavior.

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