Project Manager as Project Leader

The project manager as project leader should balance task-orientation and people-orientation. He should take a situational approach to leadership.
  • In a situation of tight schedule constraint in the project, autocratic style may be desirable to meet deadlines. Crisis situations also need this style.
  • In a  situation of decentralized  authority to professionals in the project, democratic style may be desirable to create a climate of cooperation and trust.

The role of a project manager also influences style. The various roles can be:
  1. Leadership Role: To direct and influence the project team.
  2. Balancing Role: To balance the needs of parent organization, stakeholders, customers, project and project team.
  3. Informational Role: To gather and disseminate information about the project and communicate it to stakeholders.
  4. Decisional Role: To make decisions about day-to-day project activities such as resource allocation, negotiation, disturbance handling etc.
Skills Requirements of Project Manager
The following skills are required for an effective project management to lead the project:
  1. Technical Skills: Ability to perform a specialized task or function. Expertise, however, is not needed.
  2. Management Skills: Ability to practice management concepts, tools and techniques. Ability to delegate to others.
  3. Human Relations Skills: Ability to get along with people and get the jobs done through people. Understanding relationships.
  4. Conceptual Skills: Ability to integrate diverse people into an effective team. Develop skills of others to lead in their own ares.
  5. Risk Management Skills: The project environment is full of surprises. The risk management skills are essential.

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  1. Yeah its a good article. According to you what we project managers do is communicating. And a lot of this communication is done during project meetings. It can sometimes feel like you are running from one meeting to another and that your time is often wasted. Meetings don’t start on time, the issues aren’t dealt with, there is no agenda, there is no focus, nobody assigns any follow ups or tasks and of course then they also don’t end on time. An efficient project manager is required for the good management of a project. I think a project manager should PMP certified. Looking forwards to apply what I learned in PMP classes in my company.