Value Creating Activities

Value Creating Activities

Value creating activities refer to the activities cornering to create benefits and utilities to the customers. Value creating activities in marketing are very important. The major task of marketing is to create value to the customers. It needs to deliver value to the target customers. It should add maximum value to the customers. If a marketing firm creates value, it can run its business successfully. If not it may disappear from the market. In this reality, the marketing firm should perform value creating activities and deliver the maximum value to the customers for their satisfaction. For this, the firm can use value delivery network concept in marketing.

Value Delivery Network

To be successful a firm also needs to look for competitive advantage beyond its own operations, into the value chains of its suppliers, distributors, and customers. Many companies today have partnered with specific suppliers and distributors to create a superior value delivery network which is also known as supply chain. Value delivery network is building mutually beneficial relationship with key stakeholder to capture the value generated by the supply chain. This network is a set of participating companies or stakeholders who agree upon building mutually beneficial relationship among them for capturing the value generated by the supply chain. It involves partnering with key stakeholders to create superior supply chain.

The value delivery network for sugar can be shown in the following figure:
Value Delivery Network for Clothes
The participating firms of this network are fully aware of each other’s needs and priorities and are prepared in advance to deliver products and services at the right time at a low cost.

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