Need for Motivation

Among the behavioral concepts, motivation has received the most attention in the study of organizational behavior. The following factors justify the need for and significance of motivation in organizations.
  1. Organizations are run by people. Hence, managers cannot afford to avoid a concern with human behavior at work. This is because the motivated employees are more productive and quality-conscious than apathetic ones. 
  2. Motivation as a pervasive concept affects and is also affected by a host of factors in the organizational milieu. If enables managers to understand why people behave as they behave.
  3. Organizational effectiveness becomes, to some extent, the questions of management's ability to motivate its employees. Hence, an appreciation of motivation helps the managers how to motivate their employees.
  • Machines become necessary in case of complex technology. However, these remain inefficient vehicles of effective operations without man to operate them. Therefore, organizations need to have employees with required capability and willingness to use the advanced and complex technology to achieve the organizational goals.
  • Finally, the need for and significance of motivation for, an organization can be put as: If we compare management with driving, while the organization is the vehicle than motivation is the power or fuel that makes the vehicle moving.

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