Internal Factors Affecting Perceptual Selectivity

The internal factors affecting perceptual selectivity are mentioned below:
  1. Needs and Desires: An individual's perception about stimuli is influenced by, inter alia, his needs and desires at that time. Perception varies depending upon variations in his/her needs and desires from time to time. 
  2. Personality: Closely related to the needs and desires is the personality of the perceiver, which affects what is attended or perceived in the given situation. As mentioned earlier, research studies suggest that secure individuals tend to understand or perceive others as warm and self accepting individuals perceive themselves as liked, wanted and accepted by others.
  3. Experience: Experience and knowledge serve as basis for perception. While one's successful experience enhances his/her perceptive ability, failure erodes his/her self-confidence. Successful experience also helps perceiver understand stimuli with more accuracy.
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